Monday, May 22, 2017

Vintage Postcard Project

 1. What is your favorite image and what does it represent? 
- My favorite image is the first image beach I think it is a very positive and spirited representation of Cal High that celebrates the essence of being in high school, having school spirit, and going to school events. 

2. What do you like about your postcard?
- I like the nice sunset background of my postcard.

3. What could you have improved upon?​ 
- I think I could have improved on adding more images to the letters of the postcard. 

4. Explain what a layer mask does?​ 
- A layer mask allows you to make specific alternations on a particular part of an image or project without altering its entirety. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Web quest Reflection (LATE)

           I really enjoyed doing this assignment because it not only helped me realize just how many different techniques for composition there were but also exposed me to techniques that I wouldn't have either recognized or utilized. Likewise, some of the techniques such as the rule of odds and leaving space were techniques hat were missing from my previous work and they have now given me a helpful guideline on how to improve my future work. In addition, this project led me to realize how many of these techniques I already inadvertently use in my work such as the rule of thirds and simplification. This project opened up more opportunities to discover how multifaceted photography is and how important it is the carefully plan out each composition before snapping the picture. Overall, I found this project to be both educational and enlightening as it exposed me to new and useful techniques to implement in my photography.

Advertisement Project w/ Lauren, Jordan, and Sean

1. Our team did very well together.
2. Our final product uses many different composition techniques such as rule of thirds and balance and unity.
3. What do you like about your work, what could be improved.

I liked how simple and straight forward our work was and in the future it could be improved by having more planning and thought put into it.
​4. As a team member, I was involved in (all, most, some, few) of the decisions because…

I helped create the advertisement and some of the materials used where mine. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Still Life Photography


1.  What was your reason for your arrangement and background color?
I chose the arrangement that I did because I thought the contrast between the metal and leather shoes and the nature of the flowers would look cool. Likewise, the green background makes the black skates pop. 

2. How is the lighting in your image (direct, diffused, etc.)?
My first image was both the the lights used when it was taken, therefore the lighting is shop and harsh. In the second and third images however, the lighting was diffused and soft. 

3. What adjustments did you use?
I used the vibrancy, saturation, contacts, and exposure adjustments in my images. 

4. How could you improve your composition?.
I could improve my composition y using the rule of thirds as well as filling the frame more.

Friday, April 14, 2017

HDR Photography (Late)

Response to the article:

One image that impressed me was Ken Kyaminnesky's photo because it was beautiful, clear, and ver realistic.

My HDR photo

Surreal Photography Assignment

1. What is your image about?
         My image is about an underwater civilization with mountains and a city landscape.

2. Was it easy or hard to find your resources? Why/why not?
         It was easy to find my resources beaucse both the mountains and the city landscapes are my own images and the underwater and mermaid images were fairly easy to find on the internet.

3. What photoshop techniques/ adjustment layers did you use?
        I used the blending brush on all the photos, as well as the transform tool, layer masks, and clipping masks.

4. What could you improve upon?
       I could improve by blending each of my images more precisely.