Friday, April 14, 2017

HDR Photography (Late)

Response to the article:

One image that impressed me was Ken Kyaminnesky's photo because it was beautiful, clear, and ver realistic.

My HDR photo

Surreal Photography Assignment

1. What is your image about?
         My image is about an underwater civilization with mountains and a city landscape.

2. Was it easy or hard to find your resources? Why/why not?
         It was easy to find my resources beaucse both the mountains and the city landscapes are my own images and the underwater and mermaid images were fairly easy to find on the internet.

3. What photoshop techniques/ adjustment layers did you use?
        I used the blending brush on all the photos, as well as the transform tool, layer masks, and clipping masks.

4. What could you improve upon?
       I could improve by blending each of my images more precisely.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Surreal Photography TED Talk


The most important aspect in creating his work is capturing and combining different realities to create a surreal image.

I find that his reason and purpose behind his style of photography is interesting because he combined different realities and ideas into detailed plans to make believable and beautiful images.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Abstract Landscape Blog Assignment




1. My favorite shot is the 2nd image because it shows shape and emphasizes color and texture really nicely.

2. I think the first image shows the elements of art pretty well, specifically shape and texture.

3.  Texture, Color, and Shape are used in my favorite image.

4. The 2nd image is my favorite filter because it is intense and emphasizes color and texture.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Grand Landscape Assignment



Exploring Landscapes Project

Exploring Landscapes Project

Part 1:

Questions: Favorite Image: #1
1. Yes, I did use the rule of thirds and I did so to emphasize the different landscape around the water, specifically the different trees. 
2. I use principles of design such as scale, texture, and color by increasing the saturation of the image to emphasize different color and I framed the image in  way that it displayed the scale of the waterfall and showed the varied texture of the landscape. 
3. The image was taken at midday, so the lighting was harsher than the way I would have wanted it. It would have looked better early in the morning or towards sunset.
4. I used the foreground, background relationship by framing the image in a way that trees and vegetation was in the foreground and the beautiful cove was in the background.

Part 2: 


Part 3:

Channel Mixer: 
Lab Color Method:

Gradient Map:



1. The method that worked best for me was the channel mixer.
2. No I did not achieve a large value range for each image. The method I think that works best for that is the gradient map.